Musical Sing-a-long Uitmarkt

Orchestra Uitmarkt The New Symphonics orchestra conducted by Maurice Luttikhuis

Every year the Uitmarkt is traditionally closed with the Musical Sing-a-Long. This spectacle in Amsterdam is accompanied by music every year by The New Symphonics.

During the Musical Sing-a-Long, visitors will get a taste of the musicals in the upcoming theater season. The lyrics run above the stage, so that the thousands of musical fans can sing along.

Musical spectacle on the Uitmarkt

The spectacle is unique in the Netherlands, therefore AVRO / TROS broadcasts this event live. Live television concerts with large orchestras are rare these days.

Watch the Musical Sing-a-Long with The New Symphonics

Watch the great sing-along spectacle at the AVROTROS

Musical Sing-a- Long Orchestra uitmarkt The New Symphonics

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