orchestra The New Symphonics

About The New Symphonics orchestra

The New Symphonics, conducted by the well-known conductor Maurice Luttikhuis, is a unique orchestra in the Netherlands.

The New Symphonics is a high-quality multifunctional orchestra. It is the only orchestra in our country that masters all music styles, can accompany all top artists and play in any desired line-up.

The New Symphonics is proud of the fact that it is able to attract the very best musicians per project. This is possible by offering good working conditions.

The conditions for making this possible, are offering optimum working conditions, such as offering good remuneration and the presence of adequate production management during the preliminary phase and during our projects.

The New Symphonics has a large collection arrangements in various genres, such as film, classical, musical, pop and dance.

Ger Vos on his collaboration with The New Symphonics and Maurice Luttikhuis: “Proud to work with this great orchestra, fantastic!”

International stars and The New Symphonics

The New Symphonics has played with top artists such a Elvis Costello, Toni Braxton, Vanessa Williams, Ute Lemper, Phil Collins, Dennie Christian, Joss Stone, Jocelyn Brown en tenor Antonello Palombi.

The New Symphonics offers:

  • Concerts
    Our setup varies per event and location. A lot is possible: pop, classical, big, spectacular or small, romantic and private, from a great experience to an atmospheric performance, from a gala evening to a dinner in the Concertgebouw.
  • Television
    Kurhaus Kerstconcert, Viva Classic LiveUitmarkt Musical Sing-A-Long,  Lowlands.
  • Studio Productions
    The New Symphonics also provides customized CD / DVD / TV / Commercial productions with (inter) nationally known artists.

More information about The New Symphonics

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