Orchestra The New Symphonics brings unique mix of classical and pop

Classic and pop concert The New Symphonics

Orchestra The New Symphonics conducted by the famous conductor Maurice Luttikhuis surprises with a unique mix of classical and pop.

Classical and pop, how do you play that side by side? It doesn’t seem that easy to put such different genres in one concert. Nevertheless, conductor Maurice Luttikhuis succeeds in this.

“Playing classical music requires a totally different approach than an I Can See Clearly Now with Lee Towers. In terms of style and intensity, that is a completely different discipline. ”

Luttikhuis is also proud of the collaboration between The New Symphonics and international artists.

“Elvis Costello, Toni Braxton, Vanessa Williams, Ute Lemper, Phil Collins, Dennie Christian, Joss Stone, Jocelyn Brown, and also the great classical vocalists of Viva Classic Live.”

The challenge of a classical and pop concert

Yet it is always a challenge to combine those genres. This is only possible if the conductor and orchestra continue to develop.

Luttikhuis: “I write a lot for the orchestra myself, more than half of the pieces are my own, so we have developed a sound of our own. We continue to develop and sharpen that own sound. ”

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